Smile, breathe, play, laugh, float your yoga...

Learn to teach on water and explore endless healing and fun!

Are you ready to start spreading the BLISS and teach SUP yoga? Let’s get you floating! I learned so much from my teacher Yoga Girl and 3 years of dedication and experience on the water and am beyond stoked to share and take your classes this summer! This training is perfect for studios looking to expand to the water or teachers looking for some fun continuing education.

(** Please note it is required to have a 200hr Yoga Teacher Certification and some on-water experience to take this training. Send your certifications and water experience to


  • 25 hours CE Yoga Alliance Approved
  • WPA Level 1 Certification
  • 3 SUP yoga classes/meditations from KO E-RYT 200hr/WPA level 1 SUP Instructor
  • Modifications specifically for SUP yoga
  • Beginner and Dynamic SUP yoga class to keep
  • Workbook
  • Learn anchor systems and class set up/how to read the weather
  • Friendships, confidence, fun, and tons of GOOD VIBES and support as you start your journey

Why teach SUP Yoga? 

For seasoned yogis you will be astonished at the new level of awareness and breath. As a beginner it’s a great way to lightheartedly jump into the yoga pool. It’s your practice…on water and the sky is the limit on creativity. Think strength, think new breakthroughs, think remembering why you started to practice yoga in the first place. Water itself symbolizes transformation, creativity, and adaptability. Thus SUP yoga symbolizes infinite possibilities within oneself and the potential to connect to a higher consciousness. Whoa – yes!

Where is it?

Classes will be held at Chicago Paddle Co. Located just South of the Kathy Osterman Beach House between Bryn Mawr and Hollywood Avenue. Depending on weather/water conditions we have a back up spot at DePaul’s indoor fitness center “The Ray”. Hopefully we will do both. The written and lectures will be held in local parks.

When is it? 

June 2nd 11-6pm, June 3rd 9-5pm and June 4th 9-5pm

More questions? 

Check out the Paddle Board section on the website for basic SUP and SUP yoga information or get in touch with me!

**Only 8 Spots will be open for this first training if it’s a smash then I’ll do another at the end of summer! 

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