Life is a balance of holding on and letting go” ~ Rumi

When you remove clutter from your life you can discover your passions, lead the extraordinary life you are meant to live and share your gifts with the world. Much like our bodies need movement to find new space the rooms we inhabit also needs to be refreshed and cleansed. This in turn has a direct effect on our mood, self image, and capacity for graceful growth.

I am in LOVE with cleaning spaces, organizing, and purging. It makes me feel just as joyful as yoga! With my guidance and support we can tackle your toughest clutter.

  • CREATE the space/home that you have always dreamed of and transform the energy you have in it
  • REFRESH bring your business/home into the present; let go, heal, and boost morale
  • EXPLORE creative storage solutions while sizing up/down or simplifying your space
  • RELEASE emotional attachments with compassionate support during a major life changes (loss, new baby)
  • OPEN Your mind by letting Kristin be the neutral party to help you get unstuck!
  • BRIGHTEN UP with fresh color, design, and ancient practices of Feng Shui and intentional arrangement

Organize with KO

3 Hour Session $200

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