Corporate Yoga, Meditation, and Paddleboard programs

The best health benefit program you could offer! All level classes that your employees can enjoy at their convenience. Yoga requires minimal investment and set-up fits into your space easily (conference rooms, rooftops, common areas).


  • Weekly on-site All-level hour yoga classes
  • Wellness Fairs
  • Chair yoga and meditation sessions
  • Stand-Up Paddleboard Outings (Click here for more information)


  • A healthy relationship to stress/pressure
  • Improved concentration, decision-making skills and ability to multi-task
  • Confidence, kindness, and compassion
  • Physical health and awareness of body
  • Increased compassion and interpersonal skills
  • Employees that are happy and full of energy thus more productive


  • 10 Class Startup Program $750
  • All Day Health Fair $400
  • Weekly $85 per class/Monthly $65 per class Packages
  • Customize it! Call me and let’s jam about a custom program

SUP (Stand-Up Paddle) Adventures

Get outside! Enjoy this unique and memorable experience for your team to bond, enjoy nature, and a BLAST! Check out my SUP Adventures hosted in partnership with Chicago SUP Located at North Avenue Beach and Diversey Harbor. Click here for more details.


I attend Vodori’s yoga class weekly — it’s one of the best “perks” the company offers in my opinion. It helps reinforce a relaxing environment in-office while providing an opportunity to interact with colleagues outside the typical professional setting. Having it on-site also makes attending so much easier, which is why I’m a regular attendee. Further, knowing I’ve got this class to look forward to, I pushed myself to run 7-8 miles every Monday morning because yoga will enable me an opportunity to stretch and bring my legs back to a neutral state. On top of that, Kristin is a fantastic teacher who gives proper guidance, pushes the class in a positive way, and bring an upbeat attitude — not to mention her ability to do poses on a bare concrete floor is amazing.


I love the yoga classes! I am pretty beginner. I had probably done about 10 yoga classes total before the Vodori sessions started. I like being able to work out without having to 1)pay for expensive yoga classes, 2) not have to travel out of my way to stay in shape. Kristen is great, she clearly knows her stuff and is a calming influence while also staying engaged with the individual participants. Each class is different from the last which keeps things interesting.

Having access to yoga classes at work has been great! It’s convenient to attend and helps to offset the physical aches and pains of a desk job, leaving me refreshed and relaxed to continue the day.  Kristin is awesome – She is, hands down, the best yoga instructor I’ve taken classes with! She is always positive, energetic, and welcoming and her classes are varied enough to keep it interesting each time, while still offering options for beginner and more advanced yogis.

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