About KO

Kristin Osborn’s teaching style is inspired by her belief in the healing powers of self-care, nature, and yoga. With a sense of humor and IMG_5168curiosity she explores wellness practices and shares what she finds to be most authentic and effective for her students. Her approach is kind yet strong utilizing a solid knowledge of alignment. She will guide you to connect with your true Self so that you can live your best life! Kristin started teaching yoga in 2012. Completion of an depth hatha yoga training in 2011 and continues to grow through SUP yoga training with Rachel Brathen (Yoga Girl), hot yoga, restorative yoga, vinyasa, and power trainings.  Registered E-200hr she teaches public/private classes, workshops, Stand-Up Paddleboarding groups & lessons, wellness retreats and SUP yoga/fitness teacher trainings.

My Story:

Hi, I’m KO. A proud yoga fanatic and lover of whatever makes a person shine and live authentically with joy, light, and love. My twenties was spent growing out of and making some new self destructive patterns like; feeling unlovable, low confidence, depression, unhealthy lifestyle, and emotionally unhealthy relationships. Seemed like I was doomed to the “live hard, play hard” adult life that many embrace in the city and to bury any wounds yet to heal from my youth.

I found yoga in 2009 at a Bikram studio in Chicago. I sweat a ton and enjoyed finally finding a physical outlet that would relive stress from the fast-paced city life. Tension started to melt off and I enjoyed the confidence, authenticity, and freedom within those walls.

Yoga as it turns out would be my guiding light from that moment on. After an injury in Bikram I found vinyasa/hatha yoga and a mind-blowing amount of growth and self-love started to happen. I had woken up, I became aware of my patterns (physically, mentally, and emotionally) now and it was time to face myself and heal, forgive, move forward, and shine!

I committed to a teacher training at my home studio Chicago School of yoga. If it weren’t for the love, community, guidance, and dedicated teachers there I would have been lost. During my training I gained the strength to pick up the pieces and rebuilt my life according to my truth.

For the past four years I have been all in! I’ve experienced sacrifice, failure, and am challenged to love and give more than I ever thought imaginable. Now, I stand tall, ready to guide, grow, and share all that I have learned and am learning. I do not promise perfection but I will bring a big heart, smiles, and a passion for your health, growth, and well-being in all that I do.

It is my honor and privilege to humbly serve. Go within. Rebalance. Shine On!

Big hugs,


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